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Demitra H. (Dee) Crayton award of excellence

Demitra (Dee) H. Crayton lived her life to the fullest as a leader with Distinction as a Customer Service and Information Center (CS&IC) Manager, CharMeck 311 Manager and Founding Member and President of the Association of Government Call Center Employees (AGCCE) now Association of Government Contact Center Professionals (AGCCP).

Through her 20 year career in management she focused on teaching and helping others reach new heights, grooming others for leadership roles, unifying teams, developing new ideas and persevering through challenges. These actions contributed to attributes that we honor Dee with by recognizing an individual who strives for excellence in their Contact Centers in the areas of mentorship, leadership, unity, innovation and perseverance.

The 2nd annual Demitra (Dee) Crayton Award of Excellence will recognize a person who has demonstrated leadership through proven traditions and innovative practices during the past twelve months. 

Nomination Qualifications and Guidelines: 
Describe how this individual highlights that excellence in leadership, recognizes the value of tradition, honors the present and prepares for tomorrow.  

1. Individual achievements described must have taken place in the last twelve (12) months.

2. Submissions must include a brief description describing the exemplary qualities of their contact center career in mentorship, leadership, unity, and perseverance. (150-word minimum)

3. Submissions may include supported documentation relevant to the submission. Examples include statistical reports, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, social media posts, etc.

Nominate Today!

Completed submissions should be emailed by close of business day on August 16, 2024 to Stephanie Brown, Corresponding Secretary, at The recipient will receive an award, a leadership training scholarship, and an opportunity to share their story at the 22nd Annual AGCCP conference in Charlestown, South Carolina, October 14-17, 2024. All nominees will be entered into a drawing for one complimentary conference registration. The winners will be notified by September 4, 2024.    

Congratulations Renee Hawsey! - Winner of the 2023 Dee Crayton Award of Excellence! 

About Renee

Renee’s leadership skills were exemplified by her ability to structure, staff, implement and supervise the contact center team, all while continuing to lead her 13-member counter staff team with distinction. In 2022, the Probate Contact Center handled over 90,000 customer interactions.

• Renee exemplifies the qualities of an excellent mentor. She is able to adapt her approach to meet the unique needs of each employee, acting as an advisor, coach, challenger, and protector.

• As an advisor, she draws on her vast experience and expertise to provide sound guidance and practical solutions.

• As a coach, she listens attentively and offers support and encouragement to help employees overcome obstacles.

• As a challenger, she encourages employees to develop their problem-solving skills and independence.

• As a protector, Renee goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and supportive work environment for all employees and is always available to provide assistance when needed.

A visionary leader, Renee has a proven track record of driving successful office operations with technical and procedural innovations. Renee's approach is employee-centric - she is proactive in asking "how can I help you" and providing training to help employees improve their job performance.

Renee also exemplifies unwavering perseverance. Her dedication to the team is evident in her ability to inspire, encourage and lead by example. She is a strong leader who fosters teamwork and is always on the lookout for new ways to help her team succeed. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her actions and her team is united and fully behind her.

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