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Our History

The Association of Government Contact Center Professionals (AGCCP) was formally established in 2003 by a small group of local government contact center managers who had previously met on several occasions to discuss personnel, training and technology issues. Founded on the belief that collaborative relationships would benefit the entire government contact center industry, AGCCP has grown rapidly in the years since its creation. Today, the organization encompasses more than 40 member cities and counties in the U.S. and Canada!

Here’s how we came to be…

Our Beginnings  

In 2000, Marianne Blodgett and Cookie Hall of LexCall — the Lexington, Kentucky-Fayette Urban County Government’s customer service center — were searching for information on industry training, customer service trends and techniques. To their disappointment, the pair (respectively, the director and administrative manager of LexCall) soon discovered that existing contact center organizations were focused on private sector companies. The organizations were in business to make a profit, their offerings were far too expensive for government budgets, and — worst of all – their training and materials weren’t really applicable to the issues faced by public sector contact centers. 

In frustration, Blodgett and Hall decided to start an association specifically to benefit government contact centers. They invited leaders from other local government centers to come to Lexington for a round-table to discuss the challenges they faced and share solutions and experience.

Thirteen communities responded enthusiastically and their call center representatives converged on Lexington in 2001. The meeting was a huge success, but it was clear to all participants that they still had much to learn from one another, and they agreed to meet again the following year.

Becoming organized


By 2003, the annual gathering had become a tradition. The group met in Charlotte, North Carolina that year and decided to formally establish the Association of Government Contact Center Employees. By-laws were approved, officers were elected, and the association was born!

In the years that followed, members have continued to expand their networking, education, and mutual problem-solving activities through webinars, chat boards and personal relationships. But the annual conference remains a highlight of the year and a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge, develop beneficial connections, and learn about the latest in technology and best practices.

In 2012, the association changed its name to the Association of Government Contact Center Professionals to better reflect its commitment to the highest standards of professional achievement. Today, AGCCP has more than 40 member municipalities in locations as far-flung as Jacksonville, Florida and Vancouver, British Columbia. And our members are still committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality assistance to citizens and sharing best practices and providing mutual support and education with one another.

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