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Rosemary Nelson

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department

Non-Emergency Police Services Unit Supervisor 

"I have had the pleasure of attending two conferences with AGCCP. The first was in Chattanooga Tennessee - in 2017, and the second was in Sarasota Florida - in 2019. I had a wonderful time at both Conferences. The networking that happens with other Communication Professional, and Venders offering a glimpse of new technologies in our communications field were very informative. I became very informed and learned different ways to handle similar problems we all face from difficult callers to problem employees.

The mindfulness that was offered in Sarasota was such a good idea – we all need to take care of our physical selves along with our intellectual selves. It is important to invest time into ourselves, because sometimes we all need reminding to have well rounded health practices for our own good.

Another important messages I received from a guest speakers at the conference is to never give up! Delilah Wallenda spoke about her life, and her family’s life on the high wire. She has an amazing love for her family and work. They have never given up, even in tragic circumstances. She and her family have gotten back up to overcome obstacles in work and life. She is truly an amazing woman, we should all take notice. 
The whole agenda of the conferences was very positive. I would recommend anyone thinking of attending to go. Hear other testimonials and realize we are not alone in this field, we all have obstacles to overcome, from management, to employee challenges, but in the end we do our jobs and have a positive outlook on helping our callers to the best of our ability by sharing and caring." 

Bobbie Almariento, Virginia Beach, VA
AGCCP Member
"Last year I had the opportunity to take two staff members with me who found the conference very valuable and highly recommend this opportunity for other staff members to attend. I will personally be attending this conference again this year for the 4th time. Each year I have been able to come away with something to assist with our contact center in moving forward. The opportunity to network and learn best practices from peers is extremely valuable. The people you meet will be a continual resource for you throughout the year, beyond these 3 days. The conference is so reasonably priced (AGCCP members get in for a discounted rate of $150!)." 
Julie Sanchez, Director of Citizen Services, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AGCCP Member 
"Joining the AGCCP has been a life saver for me! I became a Call Center Manager in April of 2011 and was greeted with many challenges and high expectations. I went to my first AGCCP conference in May 2011. Joining AGCCP was the best value for the dollar and has been the most productive, learning and networking experience of my career. The networking opportunity is incredible. Immediately you are in contact with a wealth of call center knowledge and introduced to senior call center personnel who make it a point to let you know that you are not alone and to never hesitate to ask them a question or request any type of information that you may need. The AGCCP has been a tremendous measurable asset to me, but it has also been an immeasurable asset in terms of how the knowledge and relationships that I gained helped me to avoid many brick walls and pitfalls, the knowledge of which would usually only come after experience. Since joining I have experience great success including our call center winning a national award in less than twelve months. Thank you AGCCP!" 
DJ Russell
AGCCP Member
"Prior to joining AGCCP, I felt as though I was speaking in a foreign language but wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly. I didn’t really know any other local government contact center managers so that I could ask questions or get feedback on something we were doing or thinking of doing. I had attended a conference for contact center managers but they were all for profit centers and so we couldn’t really speak to each other. It was waste of money and time.I attended my first AGCCP conference in 2007 and it was like I had found the Holy Grail. It was great to be able to talk to people about issues we were having. For a really low cost, I could tour a contact center, interact with some wonderful speakers on topics ranging from motivation to call center metrics to choosing a CRM. Most importantly, they made me feel welcome and accepted.Since that first meeting, I have continued to get more involved with AGCCP and have committed a great deal of time and energy to the group because I believe in what they stand for, what they have to offer government contact centers and because I have made some wonderful and lasting friendships. I have never regretted one penny that was spent on membership (astoundingly low) or conferences and have never found another organization that comes close to the value of AGCCP." 
Marilyn Givan
AGCCP Member 
"As anyone in the business of “government” customer service knows, we experience challenges that are different from private companies. Words like “performance bonuses” or “let’s upgrade to the newest technology” are foreign to many of us. But being a member of the AGCCP, I know I have a network of contact center employees who understand our limitations but also what makes us unique. I can ask a question as simple “Does your call center use wireless headsets” to “What is your severe weather emergency plan for staffing your center” and receive many answers almost immediately. The AGCCP helps to keep me sane and on track when it comes to dealing with the challenges I face and I know that the friendships formed by attending the yearly conferences will last far beyond my career in local government."